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Opportunities to consider:

Contact Katie or Frankie Sawicki for more details

Things Hoped For:

Youth Group Room
Ping Pong table
Carpet Ball
Keurig machine
Air Hockey


Drums, guitar, bass, or voice to sing
Junior Church - K-5th grade teacher
Speaking opportunities
Computer skills
Sound system
Visit or letter writing
Picking up people to and from church
Planning programs for all ages
Communications - like instagram, youtube, streaming, etc
Dinner Help
Research good missions to give to
Shovel and clean up outside
Help with little kids events
Sugar on Snow
Yard sale help

Roman Road
Look them up:

Romans 1: 16

Romans 3: 23-24

Romans 6: 23

Romans 5: 8

Romans 10: 9

Romans 6: 4

Romans 12: 1-2

1 Peter 3: 13-22

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